Flu Vaccination Information



Free Flu vaccinations for all only available until 17/7/2022

From 18-07-2022, flu vaccinations will no longer be free for those aged between 6 and 64 years of age



2022 Flu vaccinations now available for eligible patients

From Fri 08-04-2022, flu vaccinations are available for those eligible for free vaccination under the National Immunisation Program.

Check your Eligibility for Flu Vaccine before booking

The eligibility requirements for the NIP-funded Flu vaccine are as follows...

- Pregnant women (at any stage of pregnancy)
- Aged 65 and over
- Aboriginal / Torres Strait Islander people aged over 6 months
- Children aged over 6 months and < 5 years
- People aged over 6 months with increased risk due to certain medical conditions (determined by a GP) 

Please book your FLU vaccine online now by selecting FLU Practitioner from the list of our amazing GPs

or call the practice on (02)46 580 580


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